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Why We Launched SafestBettingSites

Ian Bruce

When we first launched SafestBettingSites there were more than a few people who asked us: Why? It’s a fair question. There are already hundreds of websites out there that publish betting site reviews, so why does the world need yet another?

The answer, from our perspective, is quite simple: Bettors are still being ripped off.

Online betting has exploded in the last few decades. While there were just a handful of online bookmakers operating at the end of the 1990s, today there are thousands of them. Some of them are genuinely worth visiting and will give you a safe, secure and feature-packed betting experience. However, there are many more that exist for the sole purpose of grabbing cash from unsuspecting punters. And unfortunately, this is something that customers only come to realise when they come to withdraw their winnings.

Not All Review Sites Can Be Trusted

To make matters even more difficult, not all review sites can be trusted to tell the truth. Many review sites deliberately turn a blind eye to potential problems with certain bookmakers because it’s financially beneficial for them to do that. Others, motivated purely by profit, will recommend betting sites that aren’t licensed to operate in the UK. Their recommended sites might be licensed in other countries, where regulations aren’t nearly as tight as they are here. Or they might not be regulated at all. Either way, betting with bookmakers like that can be an extremely risky business.

Enter SafestBettingSites


Our solution to this problem was to launch a truly honest review website that helps UK bettors navigate the potentially dangerous waters of online betting. And that’s how SafestBettingSites was born.

At SafestBettingSites we aim to do things differently. Here’s how:

  • We only discuss and review online bookmakers that are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. That means every site we mention on our pages can be trusted to meet the safety and security standards set down by British law.
  • Our reviews are written by a team of professional journalists, all of whom have a personal interest in and passion for sports betting and online gaming. This allows betting sites to be assessed and reviewed from a genuine customer’s perspective.
  • We acknowledge that different betting sites suit different types of bettors. All of the sites we feature are UKGC-regulated, but the “best” sites we recommend will vary according to what sport you want to bet on and what features you require.
  • Every journalist on our team has been instructed to give an honest and unbiased opinion about the sites they review. We don’t ask for - or want - unfounded positivity.
  • We are strong advocates for Responsible Gambling and do our utmost to promote safe and sensible betting practices.
  • To help those who are new to betting, or to betting on a particular sport, we publish free-to-access informative articles. These outline the best ways to bet effectively and responsibly.

A Higher Standard

As you can see, we take a great deal of pride in striving to operate to a higher standard than most review sites you’ll come across. We are hopeful that our honest and transparent approach will eventually be adopted more widely across the whole industry. When that happens, safe betting will be the norm, not the exception, and our prime objective will have been met in full.

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce joined Safest Betting Sites in 2024 as Senior Sports Editor to oversee the quality and usefulness of its gambling content. He originally developed an interest in betting after landing a winning Yankee on his first attempt. He then spent years figuring out how to replicate that success. Along the way, he became one of the UK’s leading writers on the topic of betting and gaming. Ian’s career has now spanned more than three decades, and his enthusiasm for systematic and responsible betting hasn’t waned one bit. However, his preferred approach to winning these days is Dutching, for the simple reason that “It’s a lot easier than landing Yankees.”