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Use our free bet calculator apps and you’ll be able to calculate how much your bet is worth both quickly and accurately. Whether you bet on horse racing, football or any other sport, simply enter the details about your bet and our calculators will tell you what you can expect if it succeeds.

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What is a Betting Calculator?

A bet calculator (also known as an odds calculator or bet returns calculator) is a simple online tool that makes it easy for you to work a bet out by providing just a few bits of information. While the front end of our free bet calculator apps is as straightforward and user-friendly as you could want, the back end is driven by a powerful software program that crunches numbers for fun.

Back in the old days, working bets out used to require lots of mental arithmetic, pencil and paper, and – for those who liked to bet on horse racing – a racing ready reckoner. Fortunately, bettors today have things a lot easier. Using a free bet calculator UK bettors can fire up any web browser and get the same result quicker than you can say calculate my bet. Even on mobile, and with no mental arithmetic needed!

Why Use a Free Online Bet Calculator?

There are several reasons why you should consider using a free bet calculator. Here are four of the main ones that are worth pointing out:

Accurately Work a Bet Out

The more complicated a bet is, the more likely it is for a mistake to be made when calculating it manually. Take an accumulator, for example. The more legs an accumulator has, the more chance there is for you to miscalculate something without noticing. Use our free bet accumulator calculator online, however, and you can rest assured that it will give you an accurate answer every time. You’ll still need to take care when entering the details of your bet, of course, but you can count on the betting odds calculator itself to be consistently accurate.

Calculate Winnings Quickly

Often you want to know how much a certain bet would return before you make it. In that case, you want to be able to get the answer to that question as quickly as possible so that you can get your bet on without delay. Using a winnings calculator instead of doing things the old-fashioned way can save you a lot of time and – if the odds are changing rapidly – help you take advantage of the prices that are currently available.

Don’t Increase Your Outlay

There are lots of companies selling calculator apps for computers and smartphones, but it would be a mistake to assume that you’ll get what you pay for. Our free bet calculator apps are just as functional and reliable as the best you’ll find being sold online, so why increase your outlay for no benefit? Use a free bet return calculator instead and you can put the money you save towards your next bet.

Useful for All Sports

Our free bet calculator apps are universal, so they can be used for all sports. There’s no need to use a separate horse racing calculator for horse racing and a football odds calculator for football, for example. And that’s because the calculations needed to work out your winnings are usually identical for each type of bet regardless of the sport you’ve wagered on.

How to Use Our Free Bet Calculator

We’ve worked hard to make sure that using our bet calc apps is as easy and intuitive as possible. So much so that you’ll probably be able to figure things out without explanation. But here’s a quick rundown of how to calculate your first bet, step by step:

  1. Choose Your Calculator

    First, you need to choose a free bet calculator to suit the type of bet you’re interested in. We’ve got calculators for single bets, doubles, accumulators and more, so simply pick the one that you need. For example, if you want to make a Lucky 15 wager, choose our Lucky 15 free bet calculator.
  2. Select the Odds Format

    Next, you need to select the format of the odds you’re working with. Bet calculator UK users will be pleased to see that fractional odds are available as well as American and decimal.
  3. Enter Your Stake

    You now need to enter the amount of money that have bet or intend to bet, in pounds. If you haven’t yet made a bet or decided on an intended stake, you can simply enter 1 into the betting odds calculator and see what you’d stand to win for every £1 staked.
  4. Enter the Odds

    The next thing you need to do is enter the odds of your selection(s). If you haven’t yet made the bet, enter the available odds. If you’ve already bet, enter the odds that you took or, if applicable, the Starting Prices of your selections.
  5. Enter The Results

    Did your selections win, place, or lose? That’s what you need to enter into the calculator next. If you’re calculating for an intended bet, enter all selections as winners to see the best possible return on your wager.
  6. Hit Calculate

    All that remains at this stage is for you to hit the Calculate button. As we said earlier, the necessary calculations will be performed automatically and the result displayed in an instant.

Bet Calculator Types

Whatever kind of bets you like to place, we have a bet calculator free for you to make use of. Here’s a table showing the main types of calculators available, and what they’re for:

Free Bet Calculator Name Purpose
Single Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a win bet on a single selection.
Each Way Bet Calculator Calculate returns for an each-way bet on a single selection.
Double Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a bet on two selections.
Treble Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a bet on three selections.
Trixie Calculator Calculate returns for a Trixie bet.
Patent Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a Patent bet.
Yankee Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a Yankee bet.
Accumulator Calculator Calculate returns for a bet on four or more selections.
Lucky 15 Bet Calculator Calculate returns for a Lucky 15 bet.
Horse Bet Calculator Calculate returns for horse racing bets.
Rule 4 Calculator Calculate returns for bets with Rule 4 deductions.

Bet Calculator Odds

All of our apps allow you to adjust the format of the bet calculator odds according to your needs and preferences. You can choose to enter odds in fractional, decimal or American formats. That means you can shop around for the best odds at any betting site and enter the odds in the same format, which keeps things nice and simple. For those of you who are new to betting and unsure about how to read the different formats just mentioned, please see Betting Odds Explained.


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