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Ian Bruce

Each Betting Guide provided here will help you increase your sports betting knowledge so that you can bet more effectively. And, hopefully, more profitably. Whether you want to identify the best sports to bet on, learn about value betting or start using betting strategies to help you win, we’ve got you covered.

Core Betting Guides

Our core betting guides cover the essentials of betting online. They’ll tell you how to place a bet online, explain how betting odds work, and highlight the best sports to bet on. And that’s just for starters. Click on any subject below and read all about it!

Types of Betting

There’s more to betting than predicting which player or team you think will win an event. The betting guides below explain various types of betting so that you can make the most of them.

Betting Terms

Sports betting is full of special terms that require a bit of explanation. This section gives you quick access to betting guides that explain exactly what those betting terms mean.

Horse Racing Betting Guides

Here you’ll find betting guides for horse racing. Not only is this ‘the sport of kings’ but it’s also one of the most popular sports for betting in the UK.

Football Betting Guides

Fans of the beautiful game will find some very handy football betting guides below. Be sure to also check out the best football betting sites.

Other Sports Betting Guides

We also have guides for other sports you might fancy betting on. Here are our available guides to help you smash the bookies.

New Betting Guides Published Every Week!

Our team of sports experts are working hard to produce solid and reliable betting guides for every aspect of the hobby you could want. New guides are being added here weekly, so check back regularly and your betting knowledge will increase just as fast!


Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce joined Safest Betting Sites in 2024 as Senior Sports Editor to oversee the quality and usefulness of its gambling content. He originally developed an interest in betting after landing a winning Yankee on his first attempt. He then spent years figuring out how to replicate that success. Along the way, he became one of the UK’s leading writers on the topic of betting and gaming. Ian’s career has now spanned more than three decades, and his enthusiasm for systematic and responsible betting hasn’t waned one bit. However, his preferred approach to winning these days is Dutching, for the simple reason that “It’s a lot easier than landing Yankees.”