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Working out your Patent bet returns is easy when you use our Patent bet calculator. Simply enter the details of your bet, as instructed on this page, and it will provide you with Total Return and Total Profit figures. The whole process is quick and painless, even if your bet contains less common results, such as void races or Rule 4 deductions.

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What is a Patent Bet?

A Patent bet is a multiple wager that provides full coverage of three selections for singles, doubles, and a treble. It can be placed to win or each way. A win-only Patent costs seven bets. An each-way Patent – particularly popular among those who bet on horse racing – will cost double that.

Because it covers your selections for singles as well as for doubles and the treble, you only need one winner to get a return. While that might not cover your whole outlay on the bet (unless the odds of the winner are 7/1 or bigger) it will at least claw some of it back from the bookies. The more winners you get, the larger your returns will be, as illustrated in the following table:

Number of Winners Single Wins Double Wins Treble Wins
1 1 0 0
2 2 1 0
3 3 3 1

We’ve just said that this bet is particularly popular in horse racing, but you can include selections from any sport. Fancy betting on three different tennis matches at the Wimbledon Championships? You can do that. Want to bet on three entirely different sports, such as a boxing match, a greyhound race and a basketball game? You can do that, too.

How to Use Our Patent Bet Calculator

Using a Patent betting calculator allows you to quickly work out Patent bet returns without having to do any number-crunching yourself. You don’t even need to know how to work out a Patent bet to use it. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Select Patent Mode

    Our calculator app is set to Single & Each Way as standard, so you need to start by choosing the Patent option from the bet type selector at the top of the page. This will reset the app so that it functions specifically as a Patent calculator. If you toggle the Each Way option to Yes, it will function as an each-way patent calculator.
  2. Enter Your Stake

    Now enter the unit stake that you have used for your Patent bet. For example, if you have made a £2 Patent bet (which has a total cost of £14), you should enter 2. Our Patent bet calculator knows that this type of wager costs seven bets in total (double that for each way), so it will multiply your unit stake automatically and show the resulting cost in the Total Stake window.
  3. Select the Odds Format

    Most online bookmakers in the UK display their odds in fractional or decimal format. Some may also display them in American format. Choose the format you want to use via the Odds Format selector and the related data fields of our Patent odds calculator will be adjusted to suit.
  4. Select the Place Term

    If you are using this app as an EW Patent calculator, choose the place term for each of your three selections. In horse racing and greyhound racing, the most common terms are 1/4 or 1/5 the odds, but our calculator can accommodate any place terms from 1/8 to 1/1.
  5. Provide the Results

    You now need to tell our app how each of your selections performed. Next to each selection, you’ll see a Result field, which lets you choose from Won, Placed, Dead Heat, Lost, or Void. Simply choose the appropriate option for each selection. If any selection is subject to a Rule 4 deduction (as it might be when using this app as a horse racing Patent calculator), you can choose the size of that deduction via the Rule 4 field.
  6. Calculate

    Having provided all of the Patent calculator bet information as instructed, check that no mistakes have been made, then tap the button marked Calculate. Your Total Return and Total Profit figures will then be displayed.

Other Free Bet Calculators

As you’ve seen, it’s easy to calculate a Patent bet when you use the app provided on this page. We also have a range of other free bet calculators available to make your life just as easy when working out doubles, trebles, accumulators, and more. Check those out as and when you need them, and good luck with your betting!


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