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Use the Trixie calculator below to work out the returns from your bet in seconds. All you have to do is input the odds of your selections and how they fared. And don’t worry too much if any of your picks have been affected by Rule 4 deductions because our Trixie calculator can take those into account, too.

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What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a multiple wager that covers three selections for all possible double combinations plus one treble. It will cost you four bets in total, so a £1 Trixie would cost you £4. If you’re betting on horse racing or greyhound races, you’ll also have the option of betting on your selections each way. As with all each-way bets, that would cost you twice as much.

Trixie betting is very common in horse and greyhound racing, but it isn’t exclusive to those sports. You can include any betting prediction you want among your selections. That could be a prediction about the winner of a football match (the Big Five leagues are always popular), golf tournament, or tennis match—whatever you like.

At least two of your selections must win their events (or get a place, if each way) in order for you to get a return from a Trixie bet. But because the wager only costs four bets, two winners could be all you need to cover your outlay and make a profit. For example, just two winning selections in a £1 Trixie at odds of 2.50 (5/4) each would give you a return of £5.06, for a profit of £1.06.

Of course, you’ll get a lot more back from the bookie if all three of your selections win. Here’s how the number of winners you get determines the number of Trixie elements that will pay out:

Number of Winners Double Wins Treble Wins
1 0 0
2 1 0
3 3 1

How to Use Our Trixie Calculator

Working out Trixie returns manually isn’t particularly difficult, but it does increase the chances of human error creeping in. It also takes longer than using our Trixie bet calculator, which will figure out your returns in the blink of an eye. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select Trixie

    First, open the pulldown bet type menu (which shows Single & Each Way by default) and select Trixie. This will load the Trixie return calculator behind the scenes and refresh the data fields to the ones required for this type of wager.
  2. Choose the Odds Format

    Now head to the Odds Format pulldown menu and select the format of the betting odds you want to enter. Our Trixie betting calculator can handle decimal, fractional or even American odds. To make life easier, we recommend selecting the same odds format as the one you use at the online betting sites you visit.
  3. Enter Your Stake

    Remembering that a Trixie costs four bets, enter your per-bet stake into the Unit Stake field. For example, if you have made a £1 Trixie bet, which cost you £4 in total, you would enter £1. Our Trixie calc automatically calculates the overall outlay and displays it in the Total Stake panel. Note: If you are betting each way, select Yes under the Each Way option. This will add Place Term fields to the app so that it functions as an each-way Trixie calculator.
  4. Input the Odds

    You now need to input the odds for your three Trixie selections into the fields provided. If you have selected a fractional odds format, there will be two odds fields per selection – one for the left-hand side of the odds and the other for the right-hand side. For decimal and American odds, there will be just one odds field per selection. If you are betting each way, select the relevant Place Terms for each selection, such as 1/4 or 1/5.
  5. Select the Results

    The next step is to select the results for your three selections using the Result pulldown menus. Your options here are Won, Placed, Dead Heat, Lost or Void. There is also a Rule 4 menu for each selection. If any of your picks are subject to a deduction, simply select the value of the deduction that applies.
  6. Check and Calculate

    When you have entered all of the required details of your bet into our Trixie bet returns calculator, take a moment to look over them. This calculator is perfectly accurate, but it won’t know if you’ve made an incorrect entry, so check to make sure that’s not the case. If everything looks good, hit the Calculate button, and the app will immediately display your Total Return and Total Profit for the bet.

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