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In this guide, we’ll explain how to bet on boxing in a step-by-step manner. You’ll learn how betting on boxing works, how to place a bet, and which boxing betting markets are available. We’ll even give you some boxing tips to help you improve your chances of dealing a knockout blow to your favourite bookie.

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Betting on boxing works in much the same way as betting on any other sport. You make a prediction about a boxing match that you’re interested in and add your chosen outcome to your betting slip. Enter your stake and submit the bet, and if your prediction is correct your bet will be settled at the odds that the bookmaker offered for it. We’ll take you through the whole process shortly, but let’s first give you an example.

Boxing betting strategy

Boxing Betting Example

Let’s imagine that you want to bet on a fight between Artur Beterbiev and Dmitrii Bivol. The boxing betting odds in this case might look something like this:

How to Bet on Boxing Odds

Both fighters here are being offered at the same odds of 10/11 (1.91 in decimal format), and the draw is priced at odds of 16/1 (17.00). We’ll imagine that you want to bet £10 on Beterbiev. If he ends up losing the fight, or the fight ends in a draw, your bet would lose. However, if he wins as you expected, your stake of £10 would be multiplied by the decimal odds (1.91) and handed back to you. This would give you a return of £19.10, which includes your original £10 stake. Your profit would therefore be £9.10.

You can learn more about odds in our Betting Odds Explained guide. And if you want to calculate returns from winning bets without doing any of the arithmetic for yourself, we have a range of free bet calculators to help you.

How to Bet on Boxing Online - Step-by-Step

Online boxing betting allows you to put money on your predictions from anywhere you happen to have an internet connection. The process of making a bet on boxing is very simple. Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting started from scratch:

  1. Visit a Boxing Betting Site

    The first thing you need to do is visit the betting site that you want to use to make your bets. Our expert reviewers have identified BetUK as one of the very best boxing betting sites in the country, so we’ll use that bookmaker for example purposes. Visit the site, and you’ll see a Sign-Up button at the top right of the screen. Click that button (other sites will have a similarly labelled button in roughly the same location) to open an account registration form.
    Visit a Boxing Betting Site
  2. Open an Account

    Complete the account registration form by providing your email address, the password that you want to use at the betting site and the personal details that are requested. Those will include your name, date of birth and other items of information that the site needs to comply with the law and operate an account on your behalf. Submit the form and your new account will be created on the spot.
    Open an Account
  3. Make a Deposit

    Log in to your new account (if you aren’t logged in automatically) and head to the banking area. Select whichever of the available payment methods best suits your needs, and then make your first deposit. Be sure to check out the details of any welcome offers that are available so that you can choose a payment method that will allow you to benefit from them.
  4. Pick an Outcome

    Head to the boxing betting pages to explore the markets that are available. When you find the outcome that you want to bet on, click the odds available for that outcome, and it will be added to your betting slip. This will either pop up or slide into view automatically, depending on the betting site you are using.
    Pick an Outcome
  5. Place Your Bet

    Finally, enter the amount of money that you want to bet on the outcome into the stake window on the betting slip. A potential payout figure will then be displayed so that you can see how much your bet will return if it succeeds. If you’re happy with what you see then click the Place Bet button (or similar), and your stake will be deducted from your account straight away.

And that’s all there is to it! If your bet wins, your returns will be added back to your betting site account automatically, and often within minutes of the result being known. You can then withdraw your profits or leave them in your account to fund your future bets, as you prefer.

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategy

Now that we’ve explained how to bet on boxing matches, it’s time to turn our attention to how to bet on boxing most effectively. At Safest Betting Sites, we’re big advocates of using betting strategies to increase our chances of winning in any sport, so here are some boxing betting tips to get you started:

Study the Fighters

Every boxer is unique, and if you want to predict which of two fighters will win a match, you’ll need to know all you can about both of them. Look at which fighter has the most advantageous physique in terms of height, reach, and current fitness. Learn their strengths and weaknesses – does a fighter have lots of staying power but a glass jaw, for example? Also, check out their boxing stats so that you know their win percentage, as well as how often they win by knockout or go the distance. All of this information will help you to see how the fighters compare and make a betting decision based on facts and reason rather than gut instinct.

Research Past Meetings

If the two boxers you are considering have fought each other in the past, you should obviously look at how they fared against each other. Consider whether they are meeting on the same or similar terms, and if so, see if the bookies expect a similar result this time around. If your two boxers haven’t previously met in the ring, look at whether they have any past opponents in common. Their performance against one or more common opponents could provide some valuable clues to how they might be expected to perform against each other in the bout to come.

Consider the Setting

Look at where the upcoming fight will take place. If it’s in the home city or nation of one of the fighters, you can reasonably expect that fighter to benefit from the setting. Home advantage in boxing is a real thing, and while hearing the roar of a supportive local crowd won’t help a fighter improve his skill or ability, it can certainly buoy his spirits. It’s also been observed that home advantage might influence how judges score a fight, so if you expect it to go the distance, it’s something well worth taking into consideration before you bet on boxing fights.

Hedge With Free Bets

Many online betting sites offer welcome deals for new customers, and quite a few of those deals include one or more free bets. If you take advantage of these deals, you can put free bets to good use when betting on boxing. Consider making a bet with your own cash on your preferred fighter with one bookmaker and using a free bet with another bookmaker to back his opponent. If your preferred fighter wins, you’ll make a cash profit, and your only loss will be the free boxing bet, which costs you nothing. Of course, if your preferred fighter loses to his opponent, the free bet will win, giving you a return in the other account that should soften the blow.

Get the Best Boxing Odds

Our final tip is to try to get the best possible odds for each of your boxing bets. There is no law against signing up for an account with as many different online bookmakers as you want. When you do that you’ll be able to compare their odds and bet with the one that offers the best odds for the outcome you want to bet on. You might only get slightly higher odds by doing this, but over the long term, the relatively little time invested in shopping around could pay off handsomely. You can find out more about why odds are important in our Value Betting guide.

Boxing Spread Betting

Some online betting sites allow boxing spread betting as well as traditional betting. This is a more advanced form of betting that will reward or punish you according to how right or wrong you are about a prediction. For example, with spread betting you can bet on the number of minutes that a fight will last. If you believe that it will last 20 minutes or more, the longer the fight continues after 20 minutes, the more you will win. However, if the fight ends before the 20-minute mark, you will lose, and the earlier it ends, the bigger your loss will be.

Because spread betting is more risky than traditional betting, it isn’t something that’s suited to those who are new to fight betting. However, it’s always worth bearing in mind when you have some solid betting experience under your belt. See our guide to spread betting for more information.

Live Boxing Betting

One of the great things about knowing how to bet on boxing online is that it allows you to bet while the fight is in progress. For example, you could bet before the fight and then, after a round or two, make another bet according to how your selection is performing. If he’s doing better than you expected, you might want to bet on that fighter again to increase your potential returns. Or, if he isn’t doing nearly as well as you’d hoped, you could make a bet on his opponent to decrease your potential losses.

Most boxing betting markets will be available for live wagering where applicable. That means you’ll be able to bet on a fight ending in a round that hasn’t yet been reached, but there won’t be any round betting boxing markets for rounds that have already been fought. The odds offered in any live market will constantly fluctuate as the fight unfolds, so be sure to act swiftly if you want to strike a bet at any point.

Popular Boxing Betting Markets

Many people who first learn how to bet on boxing are surprised to discover that there are several different aspects that they can bet on. The range of markets that are available will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, but the ones that you’re most likely to encounter are as follows:

Fight Winner

This is the market that most people think of when discussing fight betting. As illustrated in our earlier example, it involves predicting which of the two boxers will win the fight or whether it will result in a draw. A draw is actually quite rare in boxing, so the odds for that outcome will always be bigger than those for either fighter.

Fight Outcome

Here you bet on the type of outcome that the fight will have. There are generally five options. Those are:

  • Win by KO, TKO or DQ for Fighter 1
  • By Decision or Technical Decision for Fighter 1
  • Win by KO, TKO or DQ for Fighter 2
  • By Decision or Technical Decision for Fighter 2
  • Draw or Technical Draw

Because this market requires more precision than the Fight Winner market, the odds on offer are usually more generous.

Fight to Go the Distance

The question you have to answer here is whether or not the fight in question will go to the very end of the final round. Odds are offered for Yes and No predictions. If you think the fight will go all the way, you’d bet on Yes. If you think that one of the fighters will win before the end of the final round, you’d bet on No.

Round Betting

Those of you who fancy more of a challenge can look at the Round Betting market. This requires you to predict how the fight will end and in which round. For example, if you think that Fighter 1 will win the fight in Round 3, you can bet on that outcome. This is a tricky market to succeed in, so you’ll get great odds if your prediction turns out to be correct.

When Will Fight End

This is similar to the Round Betting market, but here you don’t have to predict which fighter will win. Instead, you simply have to predict when the fight will end. You’ll have an option for each round in the match, plus one more for the fight to go the distance.

Draw No Bet

In this market, you bet on whether Fighter 1 or Fighter 2 will win the match. If the fight ends in a draw, your bet will be cancelled and your stake will be refunded back to your account. The odds for each fighter will be lower here than in the Fight Winner market because you can’t lose money if a draw occurs. However, we’ve already said that draws are quite rare, so whether you want to take lower odds to protect yourself against that outcome is up to you. See our Draw No Bet page for more information on this type of market.


As this boxing betting guide has shown, placing boxing bets online is a great way to increase your enjoyment of an already exciting spectator sport. Now that you know how to bet on a boxing match - be it bout betting or betting on boxing rounds - you can have a go at turning your fight knowledge into a decent return.


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