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Ever placed a bet on a horse that then gets scratched at the last minute? Fear not – Non Runner No Bet (NRNB) is here to save the day. It’s a special betting term that means if your chosen selection doesn’t participate in the race or event, you get your stake back. In this guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of NRNB, how it works, and why it’s a game-changer for savvy bettors.

How the Non Runner No Bet Offer Works

Non Runner No Bet, while sometimes offered in other sports, is usually a staple of horse racing and greyhound racing betting. It’s a simple concept that can have a massive impact on your betting strategy.

When you see the NRNB label on a race or event, place your bet as you normally would. If your chosen horse or greyhound is withdrawn from the race before it starts (declared a non-runner), your bet is automatically voided. Your stake is then returned to your betting account in full, as if the bet never happened.

NRNB is most often offered on ante-post betting markets, where you bet on a race well in advance. It’s good to know that not all bookmakers offer NRNB on every race, so keep an eye out for the ones that do. Sometimes, NRNB bets may come with slightly smaller odds compared to standard bets, but the added security is often worth it for many punters.

In essence, you’ll get your stake back with NRNB meaning it’s a safety net for punters. It takes away the risk of losing your funds due to a late withdrawal, giving you peace of mind and more flexibility in your betting.

NRNB in Action

Let’s face it – horse racing can be unpredictable. Horses can get injured, fall ill, or simply have an off day. That’s where Non Runner No Bet comes in, acting like a money-back guarantee if your chosen horse doesn’t make it to the starting gate.

Here’s NRNB explained in an example scenario. Imagine you’ve put a tenner on “Thunderbolt” to win at Royal Ascot at a standout 12/1, taking advantage of the NRNB offer. But then, disaster strikes. “Thunderbolt” throws a shoe during training and is scratched from the race.

Without No Runner No Bet, you’d be kissing your money goodbye. But, because you placed a bet with NRNB, your choice is a non-runner, meaning your money is returned to your account. Now you can back a different horse, try your luck on another race, or simply pocket the cash. It’s a win-win for punters!

Why Look for Non Runner No Bet Offers?

NRNB offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for both seasoned punters and newcomers alike. Here are the main advantages of seeking out NRNB bets:

Peace of Mind

The most obvious advantage of No Runner No Bet is the peace of mind it offers. When you place a bet, you want to focus on the excitement of the race, not worry about whether your chosen horse will even make it to the starting line. NRNB eliminates this uncertainty, allowing you to relax and enjoy the event knowing that your stake is safe.


NRNB also gives you more flexibility in your betting strategy. You can take advantage of early ante-post Non Runner No Bet markets, where you often find more favourable odds, without the fear of losing your stake if your horse is later withdrawn. This opens up a wider range of betting opportunities and can lead to better returns in the long run.

Reduced Risk

While all betting involves an element of risk, NRNB significantly reduces it. In a standard bet, if your horse is withdrawn, you lose your entire stake. With NRNB, you get your money back, essentially eliminating that risk. This can be appealing for cautious punters who want to minimise their losses.

Value for Money

While NRNB bets may sometimes come with slightly reduced odds, the added security and reduced risk often make them better value for money in the long run. You’re essentially paying a small premium for insurance against your horse being withdrawn, which can be a worthwhile investment.

Horse racing in action

Where to Find Non Runner No Bet Offers

The good news is that Non Runner No Bet offers are increasingly common amongst UK bookies. You’ll find them featured at most major online bookmakers, usually during major horse racing events like the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National. Keep an eye on their promotions pages and special offers sections, as these are where NRNB deals are usually highlighted. It’s always a good idea to compare offers from different bookmakers to make sure you’re getting the best value for your bets. Take a look at our list of recommended horse racing bookies, and keep an eye out for any NRNB offers around the time of the big events.

Big Race Meetings with NRNB Offers

Major horse racing festivals and races often attract a flurry of No Runner No Bet offers from bookmakers, keen to grab punters with the added security of a refund if their chosen horse doesn’t run. Here are some of the most popular events where you can expect to find NRNB promotions:

Cheltenham Non Runner No Bet

The Cheltenham Festival, a highlight of the National Hunt racing calendar, is a prime time to find NRNB offers. Many bookies roll out NRNB promotions across all four days of the festival, covering a wide range of races from the Champion Hurdle to the Gold Cup. This gives punters the freedom to bet on their favourite horses well in advance without the risk of losing their stake on non-runners.

Grand National Non Runner No Bet

The Grand National, which was first run in 1839 to become the most famous steeplechase in the world, is another event where NRNB offers abound. With its large field and unscripted events creating an unpredictable event every year, the Grand National is a race where NRNB can offer significant peace of mind for those placing early bets. Keep an eye out for bookmakers offering Grand National Non Runner No Bet options in the weeks and months leading up to the race.

Royal Ascot Non Runner No Bet

Royal Ascot, known for its high fashion and top-class racing, is another event where NRNB offers are often available. Whether you’re betting on the Gold Cup, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, or any other race during the five-day meeting, Royal Ascot Non Runner No Bet can provide a valuable safety net, allowing you to bet with confidence and enjoy the spectacle of Royal Ascot without worrying about losing your stake if your horse is withdrawn.

NRNB in Other Sports

While usually associated with horse racing and greyhound racing, NRNB isn’t exclusive to these sports. Some of the best online bookmakers have extended the offer to other events, particularly in markets where pre-event withdrawals are common.

Golf tournaments are one example where NRNB can be found. If a golfer pulls out before the tee-off, your bet could be refunded. Similarly, tennis tournaments occasionally offer NRNB on individual matches, protecting you if a player withdraws due to injury.

While NRNB might not be as widespread in other sports, it’s worth checking with your chosen bookie, especially for major events where unexpected withdrawals can occur.

Horse racing for NRNB guide

Non Runner No Bet and Rule 4 Deductions

Rule 4 is a horse racing betting rule that comes into play when a horse is withdrawn from a race after bets have been placed. It results in a deduction from the winnings of successful bets, based on the odds of the withdrawn horse. Essentially, it rebalances the odds to account for the non-runner.

NRNB and Rule 4 serve different purposes. NRNB protects your stake if your chosen horse doesn’t run, while Rule 4 adjusts the payout on winning bets when a non-runner affects the race. However, it’s important to note that NRNB bets are exempt from Rule 4 deductions.

This means that if you placed a bet on a horse under Non Runner No Bet Rule 4 terms and it’s withdrawn, you’ll get your stake back in full, regardless of any Rule 4 deductions applied to other bets in the race.

How Does NRNB Affect Accumulators?

NRNB can be a lifesaver in accumulator bets, where multiple selections need to win for you to cash out. If you have an accumulator bet with NRNB and one of your selections is a non-runner, that selection is simply removed from the bet.

For example, if you have a five-horse accumulator and one horse is withdrawn, your bet automatically becomes a four-horse accumulator. This significantly increases your chances of winning compared to the bet being declared a loser, as it would be without NRNB.

Similar Betting Offers

Non Runner No Bet is essentially a type of insurance for your wager, ensuring you don’t lose out due to horse race non runners. Several other betting offers share this quality, providing a safety net or a second chance in certain scenarios.

  • Acca Insurance: Popular among football punters, accumulator insurance refunds your stake (usually as a free bet) if one leg of your multi-bet accumulator lets you down.
  • Draw No Bet: This football betting market removes the draw as an outcome, refunding your stake if the match ends in a draw. This is another way of reducing risk and ensuring you only lose if your chosen team loses.
  • Risk-Free First Bet Welcome Offers: Many bookmakers offer new customers a risk-free first bet as part of their welcome package. This means if your initial bet loses, you’ll receive a refund, usually in the form of a free bet or bonus funds.

These offers, like NRNB, provide a level of protection for your bets, making them appealing options for both new and experienced punters alike.


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