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A tennis betting strategy is a predetermined approach to tennis betting that is designed to help you increase your chances of winning. Here we discuss the advantages of taking a strategic approach and provide a handful of betting strategies for tennis that you might find useful.

Why Use a Tennis Betting Strategy?

Most people who bet on tennis on a casual basis tend to do so without having any particular plan or strategy in place. They simply look at the matches that happen to be scheduled for the day, glance at the players involved and make bets based on their view of those players and the odds that the bookmakers are offering.

While this approach can be successful at times, adopting a more formal strategy is usually a lot more useful. That’s because a tennis betting strategy tells you exactly what to look for and/or how to proceed. There is much less room for your own feelings or emotions to influence how you make selections. You simply follow the strategy, place your bets and get on with your day.

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Five of the Best Tennis Betting Strategies in Detail

All bettors are different, and not everyone wants to bet on tennis in exactly the same way. For that reason, we have worked hard to present a selection of the best tennis betting strategies that take quite different approaches to the game. Whether you want to bet on the outright tournament or match winners, have a go at landing winning accumulators or participate in live tennis betting, you should find at least one strategy below to suit your needs.

Follow Favourites in Majors

There are four tennis majors or “Grand Slam” events each year. Those are the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open. Most of the world’s best professional tennis players make a concerted effort to do well in these tournaments by training for them specifically. And that means top seeds have an especially good record in these four events.

Our first tennis betting strategy is, therefore, quite simple. Look at any Grand Slam competition before it gets underway and note the bookmaker’s favourite. Then, make a bet on that player to win the tournament outright. In addition, you can bet on that same player on a match-by-match basis as he or she progresses through the tournament.

With this strategy, if the favourite goes all the way to the final and wins, so will all of your bets. Of course, you can take your match-by-match profits at any time and cease betting. Some bettors do that when their profits from match-by-match betting exceed their stake on the overall win, which means that they won’t lose any money even if the player fails to win the competition.

Try A First-Round Accumulator

In the first-round matches in many major tennis tournaments, top-seeded players often face opponents who are much weaker or less experienced. This makes it as easy as it gets to pick winners, but the odds offered about such ‘nailed on’ seeded players are often so low as to make them unbackable.

This tennis betting strategy aims to capitalise on such matches by combining them into an accumulator bet. Simply look for first-round matches in the Men’s Singles competition where a top-10-seeded player is taking on an opponent who is outside the top 20 – the lower his rank, the better. Put those top-seeded players into an accumulator of no more than 10 legs, and if they all win their first-round matches, the accumulator bet will win.

Thanks to the compounding effect of accumulator bets, this strategy can turn ‘unbackable’ favourites into something more useful. For example, an accumulator bet on 10 players, each at paltry odds of 1.15, would return 4.05. That’s a £40.50 return for a £10 bet. Feel free to use our Accumulator Bet Calculator to work out your potential returns before placing a bet.

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Ian Bruce

Don't Stress - We Aren't Being Sexist

When we recommend the above strategy only for Men’s Singles tournaments, we aren’t being sexist. The fact is that Men’s Singles matches have more sets than Women’s, and that makes them more likely to reflect the form of the players involved, with less chance of an upset.

Set Betting With Serve

This is a tennis set betting strategy, so you will need to use it at online betting sites that offer set betting markets. Here you look at which player will serve first in a set, and then – if that player is also the favourite to win the match as a whole – you bet on him or her to win the set. Men’s Singles matches can have as many as five sets, in which case you could bet on up to three of them (when a player is first to serve in the first, third and fifth sets). Whether you also make a bet on the favourite to win the match as a whole is up to you.

Seeded Favourite Comebacks

Even top professional tennis players can sometimes take a little time to get into the swing of things. And that can mean that a seeded favourite will occasionally lose the first set of a match. Fortunately – as long as injury or lack of fitness isn’t to blame – experience and tenacity just as often see the same player come back strongly and go on to win the match.

This tennis live betting strategy involves looking out for matches in which a favourite and top-seeded player loses his first set. That will cause the odds available for that player to win the match to drift to a bigger price than they were originally. You can then bet on the player who is one set down to recover and win the match at the larger price that’s now being offered.

Make Use of Free Bets

Our fifth tennis betting strategy is to make good use of free bets. Many betting sites offer these to encourage new customers to sign up (see our Wimbledon Betting Offers page, for example), and they can often be used on any sport you fancy. In that case, you could use them with whatever you consider to be the best tennis betting strategy for you. Some bookies will exclude tennis live betting markets from free bet offers, but others won’t, so don’t be afraid to explore what’s available at different tennis betting sites if you want to use an in-play tennis betting strategy.

Advantages of Tennis Betting Strategies

Now that we’ve detailed our favourite tennis betting strategies, we should probably speak a little about the advantages of using strategies in the first place. Here are some of the main advantages that we would urge you to consider:

  1. Strategies Are Consistent

    When you take a haphazard (aka strategy-free) approach to making your selections at tennis betting sites, your ability to pick winning selections will largely depend on how you feel on the day. On days when you have all your wits about you, you might examine the form carefully, assess the odds, look into the fitness of the players involved, and so on. On days when you aren’t feeling so alert, you might simply take the lazy man’s way and go with your gut. This means your selections for betting on tennis won’t be consistent. By contrast, when you use a tennis betting system or strategy, you will consider the same things each time you make your selections. Your mood or emotions won’t play nearly as much of a role when it comes to picking players to bet on. And that means the quality of your selections will tend to be much more consistent from day to day, week to week, and month to month.
  2. Strategies are Replicable

    Another good reason for using tennis betting strategies is that they are replicable. If you meet someone who has a knack for winning at tennis betting but doesn’t quite know how they achieve their success, you’ll find it difficult to follow in their footsteps. However, if someone is succeeding with a strategy, they will be able to teach you how to bet on tennis in a similar way simply by sharing that tennis betting strategy so that you can adopt the exact same approach.
  3. Strategies Can Be Paper Traded

    A tennis betting strategy is something that you can follow without actually betting, just to see how it performs. You can even keep records of the bets you might have made using a strategy and of the results of those bets, together with their odds and whatever profit or loss they yielded. This recording of results without actually betting is known as ‘paper trading’, and it can be a great way of monitoring strategies without risk before deciding which one you want to start using with real money.
  4. Strategies Are Specific

    A fourth reason why the most savvy bettors use tennis betting systems and strategies is that they are specific. If you enjoy tennis in-play betting, then you can use a live tennis betting strategy. If you enjoy trying to pick outright winners in big tournaments, you can use an outright winner strategy. And so on. In other words, instead of trying to find a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you can select a strategy that’s specifically designed for the type of tennis betting you most enjoy.


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