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Asian corners is a betting market in which you bet on the number of corners in a football match. However, as with all Asian handicap betting markets, you will be betting on corners on an over/under basis, with your bet returned if a tie. This page will explain to you the full details of how it works. You’ll learn how to bet in these unique markets and we’ll give you some tips to help you succeed. Let’s get started by explaining how they work.

How Do Asian Corners Work?

To show you how Asian corners work, let’s take a look at the options offered by one of our favourite UK betting sites, Asian corners at bet365:

asian corners football

As you can see, we have three options, and we are now going to go through each in turn.

Asian Handicap Corners

With this option, you are picking which team will be awarded the most corners in the match, but on a handicap basis. Here, Man City have a handicap of -3.0, and Chelsea have a handicap of +3.0. The handicaps are usually chosen to give both sides an equal chance of winning, in the style of US spread betting. You have to decide which team will be awarded the most corners with the handicap applied.

Say you back Man City at 1.850 with that -3.0 handicap. In the match, Man City are awarded seven corners, and Chelsea five. As Man City’s handicap is -3.0, you have to subtract three corners from their total, reducing their corner count to four. As Chelsea were awarded five corners, your bet sadly loses.

Now let’s say you back Chelsea at 1.950 with a +3.0 handicap. As Chelsea were awarded five corners, you get to add three on, making their total eight. That makes the final corner count eight to Chelsea and seven to Man City, so your bet wins.

Note, if in the first instance, the corner count was Man City six, Chelsea three, then with the handicap applied the final corner score is 3-3. As this is a tie or push, your stake is pushed back (i.e. returned) to you.

Asian Total Corners

This is not a handicap bet, but a bet on the total number of corners during a match on an over/under basis. With the Man City/Chelsea match-up, you can bet on there being more than ten corners or fewer than ten corners. No matter how you bet, if there are exactly ten corners, your stake is returned.

First Half Asian Corners

Another non-handicap bet that is almost identical to Asian total corners meaning it is based on the total corner count except that it only applies to the number of corners in the first half.

Asian Corners vs Traditional Corner Betting

Why ‘Asian’ corners, you might be asking? Why not just corner betting? You can bet on the number of corners without that ‘Asian’ prefix but there is an important difference.

corners football

Here you see the non-Asian corner markets available on that Man City v Chelsea game at bet365. You should notice the difference immediately – with non-Asian corner football betting markets you can bet on the tie, or ‘exactly’ as it is defined here. With Asian corner markets, you can’t.

Is the difference important? Well, yes. In non-Asian corner markets, if you bet on over or under with the handicap applied and the result is a tie, then that counts as a loss and you lose your stake. With Asian corner markets if you applied the handicap and the result is a tie, then that counts as a ‘push’ and your stake is returned. This is the ‘Asian line’ for any bet always contains whole numbers.

‘Corners 2-Way’ is another way of eradicating the annoyance of a tie. Here, the handicap contains half a corner and, as a team cannot be awarded half a corner, it’s impossible for the corner count once the handicap is applied (here, 10.5) to be the same as the actual corner count in the match.

How to Calculate an Asian Corner Bet

Calculating an Asian corners bet is not hard, but it does confuse some people. We’re going to go through a bet just to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Let’s go back to the Man City v Chelsea match mentioned above. The Asian line was as follows:

Man City -3.0 1.850 v Chelsea +3.0 1.950

Here, in terms of corners, Erling Haaland and company are the favourites, so if you back them you have to take 3.0 from the number of corners they are awarded. Chelsea are the underdogs, so if you back them, you add 3.0 to their corner total.

IMPORTANT! If you back any kind of handicap bet, you only apply the handicap to the side that you have backed! You do not apply both handicaps to see if your bet is a winning one!

The ‘final score’ of your bet is the corner count for both teams. Let say the final corner count is 6-4 to Man City. If you have backed Pep Guardiola’s side, you subtract that 3.0 from their corner count, the corner score becomes 3-4, hence your bet loses. If you’d backed Chelsea, then the corner score becomes 6-7 as you get to add 3.0 to their total, hence your bet wins.

Let’s now let’s say the final corner count was 10 to Man City, and 7 to Chelsea. If you backed Man City, the ‘score’ becomes 7-7, and if backed Chelsea, the ‘score’ becomes 10-10. In either case, it’s a tie and as it’s an Asian corner bet, your stake is returned to you.

Why Bet on Asian Corners?

You may be wondering why bet on Asian corners at all. Isn’t the award of corners fairly arbitrary? Well, if that was the case the number of corners per team would even itself out over the course of the season, but these figures from the EPL for the 2022-23 season prove that not to be the case. Newcastle were kings of the corner at 270 (7.1 per game) with Nottingham Forest not managing half as much at 128 (3.4 per game). That’s quite a significant difference and goes to prove one important rule when it comes to corners – no matter how good teams are, it’s the teams that attack the most that secure the most corners.

Corners therefore are a different measure of a team’s ‘ability’ to attack than goals scored, or games won. You should therefore get better odds when two teams are matched where one is the overwhelming favourite to win the game. For example, for the 2023-24 season, you would think that Tottenham at home to Luton was a home banker, and it probably is. However, in terms of corners, Tottenham were at 5.8 corners per match, while Luton were not that much further behind at 5.7 corners per match. Therefore, by betting on Asian Corners you’re likely to get much better odds than on the ‘1X2’ forecast.

In addition, betting on Asian corners eradicates the draw. So, say you bet on Luton with a handicap of +1.0. The final corner count was Tottenham 6, Luton 5. With the handicap applied the score becomes 6-6, a tie. If you had bet just on corners on an over/under basis, then your bet on Luton would have lost, and you would have lost your stake. However, as you bet on Asian corners and because it was a tie, your stake is returned to you.

How to Place an Asian Corners Bet

Placing an Asian corners bet is not difficult, but just in case you are unsure about anything we are going to quickly walk you through the process, step-by-step.

1 – Log on to the sports betting site at which you wish to place your Asian corners bet. If you don’t have an account at one, choose any of the sites on our list of the best UK sports betting bookmakers and go through the registration process.

2 – Find the match you wish to place your Asian corners bet on. Football matches are normally shown with ‘1X2’ odds only, but you should be able to find a number next to these odds indicating the number of markets available for the game. Click on this number.

3 – Scroll through the options until you find ‘Asian corners’. What you should see is something similar to what is Asian corners at a betting site as presented below (from bet365 asian corners markets).

asian corners football 2

4 – Place your bet by clicking on the odds of the outcome you wish to bet on – here it would be 1.850 to back Man City, and 1.950 to back Chelsea. Once you have clicked on the odds, the bet will appear on your bet slip.

5 – Set your stake on your bet slip (add the necessary funds via the site’s cashier if you don’t have them) and then click ‘Place bet’. Your Asian corners bet is now placed.

Asian Corners Betting Tips

Do you love nothing more than a useful football betting strategy? Want some tips on betting on Asian corners? Of course you do! And we are here to provide them for you.

  1. Attacking teams take the most corners

    When it comes to corners, you can safely ignore the league table. Take the EPL in 2023-24, where Bournemouth, Fulham, Luton and Chelsea were in the top half of the ‘most corners’ league but in the bottom half of the EPL league table. West Ham, who at the halfway stage of the season were seventh in the league table, were joint third from bottom in the ‘most corners’ league. Consider the ‘corner count’ table when choosing your Asian corners betting tips as opposed to the league table.
  2. Look out for injuries

    It’s become common for football teams to play only a single striker or in some cases, none! If a team suffers an injury or two to their forward line, then you can expect their corner count to drop. Some teams also rely heavily on certain players (in 2023-24 in the EPL, Manchester City’s title charge faltered while Kevin De Bruyne and then Erling Haaland were injured, but then regained traction once that pair were fit again), so look each week at a team’s injury list to see if their attacking intentions are likely to be not what they usually are.
  3. Look for the best odds

    Odds across betting sites for ‘exotic’ bets like Asian corners tend to fluctuate more wildly than common football betting markets such as ‘1X2’. If there are some Asian corners bets you wish to place, then go through a few sites to compare all the odds for your bet that are offered. You only get the best returns if you bet using the best odds after all.

Where to Bet on Asian Corners

Most, but not all sports betting sites in the UK offer betting on Asian corners, so you should have no problems placing your Asian corners bets. The majority of sites on our top ten list (link above) have multiple bets available when it comes to handicap betting options, including plenty of Asian handicap betting markets. Sometimes, ‘exotic’ markets such as this can be hard to find, so make sure you hunt around any site you use.

Pros and Cons of Asian Corners Betting

We have summarised below what we think to be the main pros and cons of betting on Asian corner markets.


  • It eradicates the ‘draw’ as if your bet results in a tie, your stake is returned
  • Sites often misjudge teams taking their current league position too much into account
  • Injuries have a greater effect on this market than ‘1X2’ markets which you can use to your advantage


  • Odds take a hit as a tie is a push
  • The number of corners per team per match can wildly fluctuate
  • It’s not a market for newbs, or for people unwilling to do their research


Here at Safest Betting Sites, we consider it our duty to allow you to explore all manner of markets beyond the common ones such as ‘1X2’ betting on football, or each way betting on horse racing. Asian total corners betting is one such exotic market that we think you should at least explore, and we hope we have encouraged you to maybe think about placing an Asian corners bet armed with the knowledge and tips that we have supplied you with.


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